Savings Circle Terms

By registering for the uSave™, I accept the following Terms and Conditions.

These terms and conditions (this "Agreement") govern the uSave. Use of any membership in the uSave ("Membership") at any time subjects the purchaser or user ("you," "your," "yours," "Member") to the provisions of this agreement.

Participation in the loyalty program is subject to the terms and conditions, rules, regulations, policies and procedures that Kaz may, in its discretion, adopt from time to time. Kaz may amend the program rules at any time without notice and Kaz has the sole discretion to interpret and apply the program rules.

    1. uSave Membership is available to residents of the continental United States only.
    2. For any Member's discount or other benefit to apply, the Membership account must be active at the time of purchase. Members will NOT be reimbursed retroactively for purchases made without a Member discount at the time of purchase.
    3. Member's everyday discount is only valid on eligible purchases at participating Kaz Network Websites. Subject to change without notice. Discount excludes previous orders and applies only to continental US participating Kaz Network Websites.
    4. Member discounts will be applied after all other eligible discounts and deductions (e.g., non-Member discounts, coupons, seasonal sale discounts, etc.) are applied, except where otherwise noted.
    5. Memberships are non-transferable. An email address may only be associated with one account. Only individuals are eligible for the uSave, and each individual may maintain only one account. Corporations, groups and/or associated entities cannot enroll as members.
    6. We expect Members to submit and maintain accurate and current user information in connection with their memberships. Such information includes name, address, email address, and telephone number. Members can change their account information by:
      1. updating Member profile data through an authenticated Kaz account.
      2. calling us at 800-477-0457.
      We cannot assume any liability for correspondence, mail or e-mail, that is lost, delayed, or misdirected.

    The initial term of a membership shall commence on the date it is established and continue indefinitely unless
    1. you notify us by telephone, at 800-477-0457 of your decision to opt out of your Membership
    2. Member has elected to opt-out of Membership through an authenticated account
    3. your membership is cancelled or we terminate your Membership.
    4. you contact us via email at

    1. You have the right to cancel your Membership at any time. You can cancel your Membership by
    2. notifying us by telephone, at 800-477-0457 of your decision to opt out of Continuous Membership
    3. opting-out through the My Account section of participating Kaz Network Websites.
    4. contacting us via email at
      1. We may terminate your Membership without notice, for any reason.
      2. We may change, limit, modify or terminate any or all of the benefits at any time with or without notice.

    As a member, the information we capture will become property of Kaz Inc. As a participant in uSave, you have consented to receive program information that may include printed or email marketing materials which will inform you of special offers and products we believe would be of interest to you. You will be given the opportunity to opt-out of these mailings.

    We may change the terms of this Agreement at any time by posting a revised agreement on the uSave website located at We may also notify members of such change in writing either by regular mail or via email to the email address in the member's account. Any change shall take effect immediately, unless otherwise provided.